Referee Checklist


Shirts-Referee Shirts

  • may wear black under shirts only
  • must be tucked in at all times
  • hoodie sweatshirts-not allowed at all

Shorts-Referee Shorts

  • or solid black only with pockets
  • must be at least 3″ above the knee (knee’s must show)
  • black shorts only may be worn underneath, not longer than ref shorts

Socks-Referee Socks

  • black with white stripes at top
  • must be pulled up over calves at all times

Footwear-Black or Black with white trim

Glove-Black only

**After or Before your game you may wear whatever**

**Whenever your referee uniform is showing, the shirt must be tucked in & socks must be pulled up, whether on the fields or around them-We are the role models**

Check-in at Referee tent (Ramada) at least 45 minutes prior to your 1st schedule game that day

Referee Badge-must be worn & reflect the AYSO certification level-No other badges are allowed


(2) Pens-one spare

Coin-for coin toss

Red/Yellow Cards

(2) Whistles-one for spare

Laws of the Game-to reference


Referee Training

Region 808 scheduled training:

U8 Referee class Gazebo 6PM – August 3, August 10 U8 referee and Regional referee Gazebo 6PM

We need to have at least one person from each team to go to at least U8 referee – we need lady referees too!